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Front end by Composable Corp: app.blueberry.garden

There are 3 main sections within the Blueberry dApp:

1. Lockdrop

The Lockdrop section provides information and functionality related to the initial 60-day liquidity bootstrapping event. During this period, users can deposit assets and receive boosted $bdBLB (Bonded Blueberry) reward emissions in exchange for providing liquidity. A 1% withdrawal fee is applied to any assets withdrawn during the Lockdrop.

2. Lend

The Lend page allows users with idle assets to earn interest by lending them to borrowers taking out leveraged positions. When a user enters a leveraged yield position, their collateral is also deposited to the Lend page so that it can earn interest while serving as collateral for the position.

3. Rewards

The Rewards section displays the $bdBLB rewards a user has earned and information about the vesting schedule. $bdBLB is the protocol's vested rewards token that unlocks on a yearly linear schedule to be redeemable 1:1 for the $BLB governance token. Users can view their claimable $bdBLB balance as well as details on early unlocking penalties if they choose to redeem before the full vest.

4. Earn

The Earn page displays all available strategies and the respective details for those strategies, as well as the expected yields with various leverage levels. Users can view the expected APRs for each strategy at different leverage levels. This section provides the functionality to open, adjust, and close leveraged yield farming positions.

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