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Introduction to Blueberry

Concept Summary

Blueberry provides next-gen tools for DeFi yield strategists to enjoy new on-chain capabilities and a superior user experience. Blueberry combines an internal lending market and "position NFTs" that combine a user's collateral, debt, and deployment into one position. This allows users to utilize up to 6x leverage for their yield strategy deployments of choice. Positions are sent to liquidation at a -85% or -90% PnL depending on the collateral supplied, so it is recommended to users close losing positions prior to liquidation.
Blueberry enables leverage into the best of DeFi as an aggregator of existing strategies: leveraged long yielding positions, delta neutral/pseudo delta neutral yield strategies, and finally our own custom Uni v3 Strategies.

Blueberry Vaults

Concentrated liquidity–a concept introduced by Uniswap v3 that now dominates DEX liquidity and volume–provides superior returns, but only if the liquidity range is managed and optimized properly. Blueberry is the only leveraged LP and yield strategy protocol to support actively managed Uniswap v3 pools that do this automatically, with no management required. Blueberry supports the best-performing actively managed vaults while allowing users to leverage their position and choose their collateral and borrow assets of choice to craft the ideal strategy.
Blueberry Vaults, our custom Uni v3 strategies, attempt IRR relative to a single deposit asset. This simplifies the experience, as you can keep directional exposure in one asset. This mitigates IL and works far better with a leveraged position. Through backtests, vaults have seen 10-75% IRR from only trading fees, one of the few sustainable forms of real yield in DeFi.
One key feature of Blueberry Vaults is that you can supply token collateral and enter a liquidity position on the same token, without needing to sell or provide pair asset liquidity. This way, users can maintain their full token exposure while LPing to earn a yield.

Blueberry Docs

In the documentation, we will guide you through an overview of Blueberry, its core features and functionalities; including leveraged yield farming and lending, as well as a step-by-step guide to using the protocol.
If you are new to Blueberry and looking to learn more about our core concepts (leveraged yield farming and lending), check out the important sections below:
If you still have any questions after reading the documentation, please see the FAQs section or hop into our discord server.

Why Build Blueberry?

DeFi is hamstrung by a lack of on-chain hedging and leverage capabilities, forcing users to rely on centralized solutions with counterparty risk. Blueberry seeks to bring as much capability as possible on-chain with an improved user experience. The protocol also seeks to level the playing field for liquidity provision, allowing anyone with a web 3 wallet to perform sophisticated Liquidity Provision strategies like a market maker.
Read more about Blueberry's "Why's" on our official medium: https://medium.com/@blueberryprotocol​

For developers:

We also provided Web3.0 builders/developers that are looking to integrate with Blueberry with the documentation needed in the developer guides section.
See more details below: