👋What is Blueberry?

Quick deep-dives on Blueberry

Blueberry Protocol is a decentralized lending market built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to revolutionize the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) lending space by offering users the ability to engage in leveraged borrowing and lending, with leverage possibilities extending up to 20x the collateral value. This level of leverage is facilitated through a variety of integrated strategies available within the protocol, positioning Blueberry as a pioneer in providing decentralized access to generalized leverage on the Ethereum network.

Key Features

Leveraged Borrowing and Lending

Blueberry enables users to borrow amounts exceeding their collateral value by up to 20 times. This feature is designed for users seeking to maximize their capital efficiency and deploy leveraged positions across a range of strategies.

Integrated Strategies

The protocol's flexible and modular architecture supports an expanding array of strategies over time, ensuring adaptability and growth within the Ethereum ecosystem. Current integrations include, but are not limited to Leverage Trading, Yield Farming, Yield Arbitraging, and Uniswap v3 automated vaults. These integrations offer users diverse opportunities for leveraging their loans effectively.

Position NFTs

A novel aspect of Blueberry is the use of Position NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which encapsulate the details of the borrower's leveraged position, including the collateral asset, borrowed asset, and the specific strategy employed. These NFTs play a crucial role in managing the protocol's risk and enabling the customization of leverage strategies.

Safety and Governance

The safety of lenders and the integrity of the protocol are of utmost importance. The Blueberry DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) determines which assets and strategies are whitelisted in the protocol, ensuring only vetted and secure options are available to users. This governance mechanism enhances the protocol's security and fosters trust within the community.

Roles within the Protocol


Lenders have the opportunity to provide assets to the protocol at competitive interest rates. The appeal of lending on Blueberry is enhanced by the protocol's leveraged borrowing feature, which can offer higher returns compared to other decentralized lending platforms. Furthermore, lenders are incentivized with bdBLB tokens that can be vested over 1 year and mature into BLB governance tokens, allowing them to participate in the protocol's decision-making process.

Strategists (Borrowers)

Strategists, also known as borrowers, can leverage their collateral up to 20 times to engage in various strategies permitted by the protocol. This role is designed for users looking to amplify their market exposure and capitalize on the diverse strategies supported by Blueberry. By leveraging their positions, strategists can potentially maximize their returns while managing the associated risks.


Liquidators play a crucial role in maintaining the protocol's stability by liquidating positions that fall into negative profit and loss. This mechanism ensures that lenders are protected and the protocol remains solvent. Liquidators are rewarded for their contributions with liquidation incentives, creating a system that encourages active participation in maintaining the health of the platform.

Getting Started

For users interested in exploring Blueberry's offerings, participating in the lending market, or employing leveraged strategies, the protocol is currently live. The best starting points for engagement are through Blueberry's Discord or Twitter channels, where updates, discussions, and support are readily available. Visit app.blueberry.garden to begin exploring the possibilities with Blueberry.

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