What is unique about Blueberry?

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    Flexible/isolated collateral: This allows a user to take a liquidity position using borrowed funds while maintaining directional exposure in their preferred asset as collateral. This way, the upside on the holdings is not reduced through rebalancing and impermanent loss. Effectively, a user can earn a yield on a single-sided token position without needing to pair it with the other pool asset.
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    Lever up on chain: Boost capital efficiency for top DeFi strategies such as Convex, Curve, Sushiswap, and Balancer.
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    Blueberry Vaults: Uniswap v3 concentrated liquidity pools that are managed automatically to optimize user yield with no management required. Blueberry is the only protocol that supports leverage for concentrated liquidity.
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    Boosted Yield via $bBLB Rewards: governance token rewards are distributed to boost yields further. $bBLB is a vesting token that requires a 1 year vesting period to become $BLB, which can then be sold or entered into a liquidity position. This mitigates emissions dumping and keeps yields high. Additionally, the BLB price is supported through the concentrated liquidity vault.
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    Hedging capabilities: borrow additional tokens and sell to hedge farming exposure.