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The requirements for a token to be listed on the protocol

Blueberry DAO is very careful about adding new collateral assets as this is a common cause of exploits. However, the protocol is able to support more exotic collaterals safely because it can isolate possible deployments and usages of the assets.

In general, Blueberry DAO only supports highly liquid collateral assets to be borrowed against in amounts that can be liquidity against locked or verified external liquidity sources. This is a very case-by-case situation.

Regardless of the asset, the DAO will first perform a thorough review with its security partners to account for any risks and the value add to the system. As a general rule of thumb, Blueberry can support longer tail assets in lending markets and be utilized for deployments, but not as a collateral option.

Listing Standards as evaluated by DAO contributors:

  • All tokens should adhere to a maximum of 18 decimals places and tokens that can not be directly upgraded.

  • Sufficient Locked/burned liquidity on-chain

    • This is having liquidity locked into a trading venue to make sure trades can always occur that are locked either through a contract or through code.

  • Team

    • Who created the project

  • Backers

    • Who is supporting the project

  • Treasury and Assets supporting the project

  • Trading activity

    • That this token isn't fully dormant and has no volume

  • Oracle support

    • This should be supported by Chainlink price feeds.

  • Isn't a newly launched token

These are the beginning process to see if a token can be whitelisted in the protocol and see the level of utilization that it can get.

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