Blueberry Lend is a decentralized lending platform focused on capital efficiency allowing protocols and individuals to borrow mroe than 100% LTV to use in leveraged strategies. Capital efficiency for borrowers should lead to leading market rates for lenders.

Whitelisted Strategies that go through the listing process are enabled to borrow with pre-set LTVs from the lending markets.

The Blueberry Money Market is a fork of Compound Protocol V2 with a list of changes made to it which can be viewed Change Log.

Blueberry Money Market "Lend" harnesses smart contract automation to offer protocol-to-protocol lending via whitelisting with undercollateralized and uncollateralized lending. Partners include Blueberry V1. While it targets protocol to use, non-protocol users can also supply and borrow from Blueberry Money Market.

For more information, visit Blueberry.garden

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