Delist Standard

If a token meets ANY condition below in the past 30 days, it is considered to be delisted:

  • Low supply: less than $50k USD value

  • Low collateral value and borrowing: Less than $50k collateral and $50k borrowing in USD value

  • Security issue

These standards are targeting tokens which are:

  1. Low supply and low liquidity that user can hardly leverage

  2. High liquidity but low usage that no one wants to leverage or borrow against

Delist Procedure

Phase 1

(Execution in the following order)

  • Announcement of delisting

  • Pause Supply & Pause Borrow

  • Reserve Factor 100% & Change IRM to raise borrow rate

Phase 2

  • Announcement of the collateral factor change

  • Collateral Factor 0%

  • Move to deprecated category on UI

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