Blueberry Protocol will undergo audits from the following auditors:

Audit #1: Hacken

[Blueberry Foundation] SC Audit Report 2023.04.25 [SA-557].pdf
The first completed audit with Hacken passed with a security score of 10 out of 10.
About Hacken
We believe blockchain cybersecurity is not only about asset protection but a whole new way of doing Web3: without scams and hacks, rug pulls, wash trading, and circulation supply manipulations. New Web3 is about respecting your community, being honest with your investors and partners, acting responsibly, and valuing reputation.
  • Blueberry's Hacken is auditing the Entirety of the Earn section of the protocol. The audit started Q4 of 2022 and was completed 4/25/23.

Audit #2 & Updates: Sherlock

About Sherlock
Sherlock takes the best parts from legacy audits and audit contests to create the most secure audit in Web3. Sherlock also provides insurance coverage for audited protocols.
Sherlock completed its first audit at the end of march 2023, and the code is being audited a second time on 4/25/23. With multiple rounds of updates. - https://audits.sherlock.xyz/contests/41/report -https://audits.sherlock.xyz/contests/69/report - https://audits.sherlock.xyz/contests/77/report - https://audits.sherlock.xyz/contests/104/report

Audit # 3 : 0x52

About 0x52
0x52 provided an independent audit for the protocol after the completion of the most recent Sherlock audit competition. During multiple of the update competitions in Sherlock he was the Lead Watson. - https://github.com/Blueberryfi/audits/blob/main/BlueberryFixReview.md

Token Audit: Black Tokenomics

Our Audit service for Venture Capitalists and Funds is designed to provide our investment firms partners with the data and insights they need to make informed investment decisions in the web 3.0 space