What are ibTokens?

  • When a user supplies their assets to Blueberry Protocol's Earn strategies, ibTokens (interest-bearing Tokens) are used to keep track of the funds they have deposited as well as any interest earned in addition to the NFT representation of their position.

  • Each time a user supplies funds to the earn strategy, they are issued a corresponding balance in ibTokens, this is held in the Blueberry Bank contract. This balance of the ibTokens is directly proportional to the stake they have in the earn strategy, which accrues interest every block.

  • Each Earn strategy asset has its own ibToken; for example, if a user deposits BTC to the specific earn strategy, they will receive a corresponding balance of ibBTC.

  • When a user supplies assets to Blueberry Protocol's lend they receive ibTokens, which can be staked to earn bdBLB.

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