📀Token Distribution

With a total supply of 1 billion $BLB tokens, the distribution strategy aims to create a diverse and engaged ecosystem of stakeholders, aligning their interests with the protocol's growth and sustainability.

Central to the token distribution plan is the innovative lockdrop mechanism, designed to boost liquidity and encourage long-term commitment from lenders. Participants in the lockdrop event will receive $bdBLB tokens, which function as both vested rewards and governance tokens. These tokens will be unlockable after a year, incentivizing early adopters to contribute to the protocol's success and promoting the stability and growth of the platform.

Token Breakdown

Available at TGE (100% unlocked)

  • 1% Fjord

  • 1% Dex MM

  • 10% Airdrop recipients (Early Adopters, Zealy, Lock-drop, Lenders, and Borrowers Pre-TGE)

Tokens Locked (2-year vest including a 1-year Cliff)

  • 21.09% Team

  • 7.00% Advisors

  • 24.82% Private Sale

DAO Treasury for Emissions through $bdBLB

  • 35.09%

Total 1 Billion tokens

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